Ringback Tones: The Latest Thing in Cell Phones: Personalizing Your Mobile Phone by Using Ringback Tones

Although most are familiar with ringtones, a new feature called a ringback tone is gaining popularity. Ringback tones, also called Answer Tones or Caller Tunes, are becoming “the feature” to have according to research by best Torrent websites of 2018 by Devs-Lab, which found that there has been a 69% increase in ringback tone usage in just one year.

What is a Ringback Tone?

A ringback tone allows one to select specific sounds, songs or even personalized messages for callers to hear until they answer the call.

How much do Ringback Tones cost?

Like any feature on a cell phone, ringback tones have an additional cost (except Sprint which has a few free ringback tones) that can be as low as .99 to $9.99 per ringback tone package. Also, the opening cost of a ringback tone, there is a monthly fee.

Where are Ringback Tones Stored?

Unlike ringtones which stores on the user’s personal phone a ringback tone is stored and maintained on the provider’s server.

How long can a Ringback tone be used?

Once purchased, the ringback tones are usable for up to one year -depending on the service provider’s arrangement.

Where we find the Ringback Tones

Ringback tones reside on a variety of web pages, but it is best, to begin with, the cell phone provider’s website to ensure that one’s phone can use them; the usage of ringtones is limited. Once one has ascertained how many ringback tones can be used, they can begin the quest for the perfect sound for each of their callers, for specific hours or events.

Creating Personalized Ringback Tones

Websites are particularly helpful for finding ringback tones are Jamster or Real (formerly known as Wider Than). If finding what one is looking for is difficult, there are programs like Ventones or freeware like Ringdroid that allows one to combine songs and sounds to create their customized ringback tones.

An additional feature that works with ringback tones is known as Jukebox. This feature allows a caller to hear a variety of songs of sounds that play randomly, regardless of who the caller is. Jukebox ringback tone choices range from music and sound to celebrity quotes and greetings. When combined with ringback tones, the jukebox feature allows for even more cell phone customization.

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